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The Green Meadows School Mission is to work with home and community to provide a safe, caring and respectful environment while addressing individual differences so all students will succeed in reaching their potential.

Core Values

Learning is a life-long endeavor.
Every individual is capable of learning and deserving of respect.
Responsibility for an enriched education is vested in the individual, family, school, and community.
Educational excellence is achievable in relation to individual potential.
Education must prepare learners to live and work in a complex, ever-changing global society.
Improvement in the educational system is an ongoing process of analysis, collaboration, re-assessment, and openness to change.
Social and emotional well-being is important to the teaching and learning process.

News & Announcements

Safety First: Visitor Procedure at GMS Featured Photo

Safety First: Visitor Procedure at GMS

Parents and visitors can help by remembering to follow the Visitor Procedures that are posted in the Green Meadows front entrance. Click on this headline Safety First: Visitor Procedure at GMS to view the detailed procedure included in the HWRSD Family Guide to School Safety. Please also do not hold open the door for any visitors to our building even if you know them. It is very important everyone remembers to follow the safety procedures that are in place to ensure the safety of all students and staff. One more reminder, please understand that school staff will not open the door to visitors. They really want you to know they are not being rude. They are adhering to the safety procedures in place. They will gesture a friendly reminder to use the Visitor Procedure that is posted. Thank you in advance for helping!


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